What do Missionaries do?
I'm sorry if we don't fit the profile of a missionary that you have. No pith helmet with long sox! Here is what we might be doing any day in the Center. Don fixes broken doors, windows and machines with the help of teenagers who are willing to learn. Most of their life examples are farmers of rice or teachers. His favorite job is husking corn (pulling the ears off the cobs). He sets up on a concrete slab with 3 dishes and a bag of corn. Within 5 minutes about 10 kids are doing it. No verbal instructions. Do as I do!
Kay teaches English as they have never been taught. No slurring of words. Must protrude tongue for "them"! She has a baking class, all under 8 years old. They all have assigned measuring jobs. 1 cup of flour means Amoo is in action, 2 bananas mashed is Neekamuys turn. Her sewing is mainly design now, as Neetoo is teaching sewing & Charpor does knitting. Gardening is special with Min & some other girls, all about 10. Art class is with some advanced students but has been put off while she develops a drama group. They did their first drama in church on Sunday. They wrote it with her and rehearsed 3 times. You just know she has taught some small girls flower arranging. Her medic role has slowed as hygiene is better.
So when do we have all this fun? Well we dont cook every meal, we have no TV, we dont have to travel every day & days start at 6 am. Really, the day is made up with interruption after interruption but when you achieve a goal, you feel real good.
A young man told us the other day, "When I am old, I can think of no better reward than to sit and watch these kids, knowing how much they respect & love you, just like you two do every night!"
It is often difficult, but we are rewarded daily. There will be a time when we can't make it here, so we enjoy it now.