This is a story about "Obedience to Parents" by a young girl in Thailand.

Wandaet came to Siami's Centre in the Northern Hills of Thailand some time in 1994. She had little formal education but a strong will to succeed. Wandaet did not qualify to attend Friendship School in Musseekee so Siami started her on a correspondence course. She "ate" it! I dont remember her during our visit in 95 but I am sure she was one of Lacheah's sewing buddies in the class under Nitoo's instruction. She did so well that by 1996 she qualified for Higher Education. She had her sights set on Phayao Bible College, Chiangmai, with Lacheah. Then her parents saw the potential in their daughter and asked for her to return to her village to take a position as Kindergarten Teacher. Wandaet struggled with this request. She saw God's plan for her life attending Phayao College. How could it end here? The leaders of the Centre prayed about it and Siami gave her the direction to go home as requested by her parents. Dejected but not destroyed, she began teaching. She did a great job but was not paid while in training. This went on until one day Siami visited and asked the Kindregarten manager when does the pay start? Never! She is not qualified, they told her parents. Within weeks Wandaet was back at the Centre working to make enough for college. At this time Pastor Curt Peterson and family were asking for a girl to sponsor. They chose Wandaet and the door to the college of her dreams flew open. God honors obedience.
Today she is a hard working student with good grades. She has impressed her parents so that they have requested her brother attend the college when he finishes school. Wandaet and Lacheah gave up their Christmas vacation to work at the Centre while we were there. They were a big part of the Celebration preparation which fed 400 plus on Saturday. Her new dream: To establish a Centre like the one Siami opened to her so that she can help other Hill Tribe children realize their dreams.
Wandaet is married to the carpenter at Chemnoi Village. She has a boy, Manny aged 4 & a new girl. She lives in Chemnoi & teaches sewing to village ladies. She worked at Museekee Center as Team Leader, assistant Nurse, Teacher, Cook for over 12 years. A Willing Servant.