Short Stories from Oversees..
This is the continuing story of the Cattle Grid at Huayhpa.
There is now so much enthusiasm at Huayhpa to grow vegetables, since we
installed the grid to stop the cows. Staff and students planted 35 veggie
beds and water them every morning and evening. They want to EAT their own
labor results - NOT the cows doing all the eating.
They have at various stages: Kale (Chinese cabbage, 15 beds of about 50
plants each)this is their main staple with rice. Garlic, onion, chili
peppers, paupau trees .... Cant stop them digging, watering and
fertilizing. Great little farmers with Lachaeh as the leader and Suchat as
the power house.
So this week I purchased 500 metres of new barbed wire to repair any fence
breaks (those cows may get desperate when the plants are ready) Investment
is now over $200 but the yeild should exceed that in a year.
I remember that I was raised on home grown veggies and fruit.
We mailed out over 200 letters from Chiangmai to Handclasp Sponsors. Would
like to know if any arrived?
Kevin and Sharon arrive Feb 9. Kevin has a list of "honey do's" at Huayhpa
(we dont have any maintaince crew at Huayhpa).
Sharon will choose her course through the "sick bays" at all Centers. We
hope to have a good team of helpers for her in the near future.
Any team member from the last 5 trips who has a story to contribute,
please send to me and I will forward to our 400 "eager" readers.
Thanks to all who keep us supported while we are out here helping where we