Musekee Camp Joy
Musekee Camp Joy, Thailand
I thought you may be interested in how Siami runs a Vacation Bible School in Musekee.
In April she spreads the word that she needs 20 leaders. Potential leaders of high school & college age come each day for 3 days of training. In 2004 over 50 girls & 30 boys came for all 3 days of training. To qualify to attend training, they all complete 2 hours of physical labor at the Center. Each day starts with worship, singing & prayer. Lectures, teaching, interaction and laughter completes the training all in Karen language (most young students who will come to Camp Joy are not yet efficient in Thai.) Many of these potential leaders travel an hour on motorbike to attend each day. 20 of the 80 are then selected to be leaders!
2 weeks later about 200 potential students arrive. They have a 1 day VBS with singing, worship, prayer, Bible stories. The "non - participants" are excused and the enthusiastic ones are invited to return for 4 more days of sports, games, teaching and worship. On day 5 an "Altar Call" is given and 80% commit their lives to Christ.
This entire Camp costs Siami less than $100 US. Kay & I have been involved in retreat organization for 40 years in Australia & USA. We have never seen anything more effective, less expensive or more fun. It is a joy to serve Siami and her staff.