Consider an 8 year old girl whose father had murdered his girlfriend and committed suicide, then her mother died suddenly. This would most certainly be an "at risk" child in the USA. This happened to Moosee in Thailand 5 years ago and she arrived on Siami's doorstep, homeless! We have watched her progress at the Center as we have visited in 95, 97,98 &99. Today at 14 she is a leader and example among the students at Hill Tribes Development and Resource Center. I don't recall much about Moosee in the early years except she had a strong singing voice. In 1999 she was outstanding as a leader. She has learnt to play the guitar and leads a large choir when the students perform. She organizes her group of younger students to complete their daily chores with joy (they sing on their way to carry water a quarter mile). She has learnt enough English, her 3rd language, to communicate with guests. She is a delight to meet as she always has a beautiful smile. Does this sound like an "at risk" child? Why has she recovered so well and been restored to a normal life? If you ask Siami, you get only one answer. Moosee accepted Jesus for all He has to offer and has God as her Heavenly Father. Can life be more simple?
UPDATE (2009)
Moosee is married to the brother of Seppepa & lives in a house next to Museekee Center. She is a devoted mother of 3 children. Poranee, her eldest is a 6 year old dream child. Curly hair, bright spirit & a smile like mother. Isiah is 3 and loves people. Baby "Champ" is too new to call! Mossee is the local baker & her Banana Bread is in hot demand by Visitors.