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Here is a report from Siami. HRDC is developing outreach beyond Museekee Center as Museekee will become Kanlayaniwattana City next year. The focus is on new centers in remote areas like Huayhpa & Huaynamsong.
Don & Kay Fox

"From Siami in Thailand."
(Don inserts for clarification)
"Today we went to visit Hwuihnamsong School. Wonderful I will try to send you picture from Chiangmai. What I was thinking when I look around the school - thinking of the Hope chapel Church and Bob Carpenter and Pastor Dan Brown- Prayer is powerful. I want all of them to know that God can bring any thing, people from everywhere to do His work. I would like to thank them for their faithfulness to serve God's people in Hwuihnamsom. God is with them as the Hope Chapel give their heart and desire for the village.

God can do any thing! Now the government granted to build 4 new classrooms at the school- And the people from Bangkok are now building new Hostel, we are glad that we can be a part of this school- of course we are providing sand and stone- delivering materials for them to use for the new building. Everything will change very soon.

Our heart has still desire to start building a Meeting Hall for the children- Please pray for the desire for these children at Hwuihnamsom. God can do any thing, we can do nothing without Him."
"Tommorrow I will be going down to Chiangmai to pick up Mizo missionaries from Kathmandoo. They wanted to visit me in Musekee." (Visitors from Japan just left)
(The school at Ban ba la was abandoned by its support group. They asked Siami to develop the school & find support. Pakiau Village nearby is established & ready to accept the students daily. It has Christian support.)

"No more Ban Ba la, Principal and our staffs are planning to go to Ban Pakiau to talk about the school on 5th.March. 2010, Please pray that God will be with them as they travel and have discussion with the village people. We are so excited about the school in the village of Pakiau." (Siami has several schools asking HRDC for help. With so much progress & support in Museekee, Huayhpa, Huaynamsong & Maedet, we hope that HRDC can reach out to these "opportunities" in remote areas.)
(The success of Maedet Mission directed by Sawatri & Weewon is encouraging Churches who have supported Missionaries for years to explore the hiring & training of Indigenious Missionaries. They are efficient in Culture, Language, Living Conditions & already established in the History of the location. This makes them more cost effective.

Siami has several locations ready for Missionaries trained at HRDC. They only need support. If your Church would like to be involved, contact Don or Handclasp Directors.)

God bless you, Siami