Maleewa came to the Center in 1995 and was soon sponsored by Kay's friend in Denver. She was a fast learner. Sewing, sport, English, she accelerated through class. Then in 1997 she left the program! We were more than concerned as she was doing so well. Then Siami told me her story. Her Aunt demonstrated a strong opposition to the Center. Siami has several villagers who for various reasons are jealous of her success or feel that the Center reminds them of what they have neglected to do for the youth. Maleewa saw a rift developing in her family and knew that her involvement at the Center was the cause. Her immediate family were delighted with her progress. However, to preserve the peace Maleewa became a "silent Christian". Unable to attend the program at the Center, she awaits the day when her Aunt changes her attitude and family division is healed. I wonder how many early Christians chose this route to preserve peace. Here in USA we preach bold evangelism. Are we thankful for the freedom we have to express our beliefs. If our relatives threatened our family what course would we take? We pray that Maleewa will be given that freedom and that she will never lose the joyous love for Jesus she once showed in her beautiful smile.