Siami's History Part 1
I decided to read some of Siami's early letters. I have kept them all since 1988. I'll share some excerpts for you to see what God has done in her life!
July 88. "The school has a new building" YWAM HANDS team built a toilet block so that a grant could be honored and a new wing added to Friendship School. "I believe that God is still working to success this Project. I know that you and your family are the ones whom God has chosen for this Ministry".
Mar 89. "The money promised by the ........... Missionary Fellowship is being held back in Bangkok. Your generous gift arrived. We are now planning to open a new hostel for 25 girls who are really needy girls from the villages." That was the best investment our family made in USA. "Your scarf project is a very good idea." "I want all the girls to have a supporter in prayer..... that will help them to grow their life spiritually". TLC ladies sent scarves for the girls.
May 89. "The money you sent to buy the land is being used to feed the children now. We are still waiting for the money promised by the Missionary Fellowship." We already have 21 girls with us now." "When I received Tony's generous gift of $50 I know that this is God's answer to my prayer for Evangelism programme." The $50 bought a training curriculum that has been used for years and trained many evangelists.
July 89. "Soradaet & I went to a family where the mother died leaving 3 children. Their father think too much and he killed himself and left 400 baht( $15) to care for the children." "I hesitate to express my financial support but God ask me to tell your family only. BMS London financed me for 2 years but now I am married my support has ceased. Please pray for me." Siami has had all her needs met from that day!
Aug 89. "Now we have started our Weaving Programme for the Village Women." "The families are once more without rice. They work all day and receive 35 baht (80 cents). When they buy rice from Chiangmai the price is too high. I used the money you sent to buy rice and sell it for half the cost. Pray that God gives us good idea to solve all these problems" Siami has started so many programs though the Co op we started that year.
Nov 89. "Our God is so big, so strong & so mighty.... Your family pictures give me joy and encouragement." "Winter is here and we have a good harvest." " We started this project in May. God told us not to be afraid. I spent all the money you sent for land but now we do not worry, Norwegian Church Aid gave us 150000 baht to buy the land." "Sometime our mind is in a hurry to get a vehicle, our desires are too high. I think of borrowing but that is human desire. Pray that whatever we do is God's will only." I can't imagine how they survived without a truck!
Jan 90. "We received parcel from Susan Scott of Trinity Sunday School with ribbons, posters and pictures."
Mar 90. "My heartiest thanks for the clothes and dried fruit. I am proud of having dried fruit from America because nobody had it before." Some locals could not eat it but guests felt special eating delicious California fruit, compliments of YWAM Gleanings for the Hungary, Dinuba Ca.
May 90. "We are planning to start building by faith. We need vehicle for transport but God told us to build." " Ladawan enjoyed her gift from Darcy, she bought new shirts."
July 90. "The children moved to the new place..... God is helping us in everything we do."
Sept 91. "I really want you to come and see God's miracle. I continue to ask God to give me a plan to reach the people who are weak in spirit and need encouragement from God."
Jan 92. "Thank you very much for your letter. We are excited to hear that you are coming in October. We continue to build the house. We need to move in as soon as possible."

To be continued...... (If you are enjoying this research, tell me and I will continue to send out excerpts).

Siami's History Part 2
The words in "quotes" are excerpts from letters which I have kept since 1988. Siami has written Kay & I over 150 letters. The first were on "cheap" paper, then airmail paper, then typed on the old typewriter with 2 letters damaged, now on computer print out.
June 92. "I cannot write everything on this small piece of paper of what God has done. You must come and see for yourselves." "In Jan 93 we are expecting 15 students and a professor from St Olaf College Mn" "Chanthawan has gone home to be with her mother. She even cry when she left us, she still wants to go back to school" Although some parents value education for their children, family ties are strong and mothers cannot live without the youngest daughter at home. "I will mention 2 things that we need. If it is God's Will He will provide through somebody. A generator and video." Next letter she wrote, " I am sorry for mentioning our needs, it is too much to expect! Perhaps you can buy some blankets."
Aug 92. "The time is passing very fast, the more close to the time of your visit the more excited we are."
Oct 92. "We thank God for providing us a baby girl at 2:55 am Sept 25, her name is Sirikanya."
Nov 92. " Our time together in Museekee was like a dream,but it was real." "I thought the Generator was too big for you to raise money, but now you bought it for us. How wonderful our God is to us." TLC with matching funds from AAL raised $1500 to purchase the generator. It was the first 5KVA power unit in the area. There was no electricity for 40 miles.
Dec 92. "The headman of the village, Ban Mae Phatana, wants to sell his whole property for 58,000 baht. It is up the hill opposite the church built by St Olaf College....... I believe that this is where we should build the Graduation House. Pray hard that God will open a way to have this new project."
Jan 93. " On Christmas Day I was asked to speak at Ban Nong Chet Nuai Church. It was a great chance for me to witness what happened when Jesus Christ was born." "Whenever I dress Sirikanya,I pray for Kayla who shared her clothes."
Feb 93. " We enjoy St Olaf students. Prof. Mike is very happy with your effort to help us. He says he will be a co worker for the mission also. They are talking about building a meeting hall." "The money sent from the TLC family, Reba Baker and Prof. Mike was used to buy the property for the Graduation House. It is done already, Praise the Lord."
Mar 93. " Our friend from Japan, Mrs. Keiko, is willing to sell our products from the pictures Tasi took." "In March we had our first Camp Joy. It is a joy to see the children giving their lives to God and willing to serve Him." "Teen Mission International organized Boot Camp for older children. I have a project for them to build a Sunday School Hall at Bowkaeu." If you want something done, ask Siami!
May 93. " We will start to plant the trees that are good for producing dye material at the Center."
July 93. " It is always hard to develop the women who are uneducated. Sometimes I am disappointed in my mission here." "The Church Association Leaders are trying to use the land for their own work." Remember the money we sent was used for food instead of buying the land. Now the other donors claim their money was not a gift and that the land is theirs. Handclasp owns no property, all gifts are for the use of Hill Tribes R & D Center. "From now on the 15th day of every month the Center will be closed for the staff to meet in prayer. We want to search the Will of God in our work. We are in His Hands but His work is in our hands."
Aug 93. "I am very busy taking care of 2 Centers. Missy is now 10 months old." "This year we received a lot of chemical rain. Many people got sick." " Please tell me the size of the Table in your church. I want to make the cover for it." Kay decorated the Altar at Trinity for many years at Thanksgiving to honor Siami's work in Thailand. "I recollect what Dad (that's Don) told me last year that Church Leaders would come and try to take the land. Now it's become true what you told me. They took the land from us but God has given us bigger land where we can grow fruit and do more projects." "The Leaders discourage me sometimes but the villagers whom I help are strong enough to encourage me to continue the work. All courage comes from God through the prayers of His people."
Oct 93. "Thank you for your wonderful letter which I read many times because I found something behind your letter called Love And Concern." You never know what can be conveyed in a simple letter. Our obedience to do some things is all God wants from us. "In spite of all that Satan throws against us, God's power prevails. If Satan did not attack us, then we would not know that we are doing something worthwhile."
Nov 93. "Right now we are busy building a Meeting Hall at the Center." Friends of St Olaf College raised funds for the Lundquist Memorial Hall built in honor of Mike's in laws.
Dec 93. "God supplies our needs when we most need it. Soradaet's father, Baenpa, needed his motorcycle repaired. He asked Soradaet but we had nothing. We drove to Chiangmai and found the check from your friend to Baenpa . We praise God always." 1994 was the beginning of the New Center.
Siami's History Part 3
As interest grows I study each letter to research what happened during these "growing" years. Parts in "quotes" are direct from Siami's letters. The other is my comment for clarification. Note, every letter begins with "Dear Parents in Christ, Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."
Feb 94. "We enjoyed too much with the St Olaf students for 3 weeks. Nobody like to depart." "Now I am teaching English at the Friendship School part time.... we repair our vehicle because it is breaking apart." "This year the girls at the Hostel will be planting rice, the support we received will not be enough to feed us all." "We decided to work with the Queen's Royal Development project as they invite us to join. We may have more market to sell our handcraft." "We finished building the Main Meeting Hall. We pray we can start to build at the Graduation House."
Apr 94. "We pray to God for your coming back to Thailand." "I plan to visit home to India." "If we can find more support for the girls at the Hostel, we can stop asking support from Sweden, because leaders from Sweden are very curious about the money." She was asked to spend more time writing reports than caring for the girls and still the money was always "short". "I told Soradaet I have to stop spending money because we have no money left. Then we receive your check for $500". Many times I felt an urgency to send a check and next letter would tell how the timing was right. "Soradaet's father is building a kitchen at the new land. Cheepaeh & Netoo are working hard also."
May 94. "This year we plant 150 fruit trees from the Royal Agric. They cost 35 baht each ($1)" "I pray God will build and open our Graduation House soon. How wonderful if our dreams come true and in 2 years we can have more girls and boys at the New Center."
July 94. "Sirikanya is not well, Soradaet take her to the clinic in Pai." "I would like you to pray for our vehicle, now it becomes too old. It is hard to decide if we should pay for 4 years for a re conditioned vehicle. How do you think? If God wants us to work harder to get a new vehicle, we accept too."
Aug 94. "Today I read all the letters from you this year, they give me more strength in the Lord." "Today I decide to send you more materials to sell at Trinity." "We exchange our old vehicle for a new truck. Old truck became worse and all Soradaet's teaching salary used to repair it." " Yesterday the Queen Project gave us 200 teak trees to plant. I remember your last visit Mum (Kay) talked about teak trees. I was surprised, now it came true." "We are sending a girl to Chaingrai to train for a month on a Wool Sweater machine." "In October we plan to have 70 children at Camp Joy." "Whoever sees Tasi's picture says she is beautiful. Is she coming back? All the girls love to see her face."
Oct 94. "We are excited that you plan to visit us with a group." "Our Japanese friend, Yamaguchi, tells us that his 81 year old mother wishes to donate her pension money for us to build the Graduation House because she sees how important the work is for girls and women." "Thank God for His care for us. Sometimes I cry for overjoy. What you told me last trip about the land has happened. Another village lady will give us more land to plant trees."
Nov 94. "There is no word in the world to express God's love for us." "Many people ask about spectacles if you can bring more next year." "Sometimes Missy (Sirikanya) is naughty, we need knowledge to care for her, she seems to be clever."
Dec 94. "We are excited that you come in March 95." "We continue to build the Cooking School." "We cannot finish the Grad House before you arrive." Letters from Jan to April 95 were all travel plans. Siami would write, "You will see when you are here." In April 95 Siami returned to Mizoram, India for her Grandfathers funeral, with Sirikanya. Part 4 will reveal the vision Siami received in India for her work in Musekee......
Siami's History Part 4
Siami visited India in April 95. While in Mizoram, God gave her a plan for the teaching in 4 new villages.
May 95. "Mr Mooloeh, a graduate from Payao Bible College will teach. Mrs Cheemonee will teach weaving. Mr Boonchuay will be Manager of all the works. Mrs Netoo will teach sewing. My main work is to tell the Love of God to whoever wants to listen." "We have no Mission Board to support us regularly, we live by faith in God." " Wandaet will do training at Chiangmai for Polytechnic." "My youngest sister came to stay for 1 month."
Jun 95. "Thank God for the privilege of visiting my parents after 7 years." " Whenever I think of a problem, I always think of you, hear your voice as if today. What you said, it was God who told you my need. Now things coming to reality." "This year we have 19 girls living at the Hostel." "We have VBS every October and March. I am happy that people support such a program of outreach."
July 95. "Yesterday was Election in Thailand. We have a new Government." "This year we plant mangoes, orange, corn and red bean." "Today I selected Siriphan for the lady who wishes to support a quiet girl (Jenny East)." "Congratulations to Debbie for her son Tyler." "Netoo expects a baby next month".
Aug 95. "Tatumo and Tatupa are fine now. Tatumo's brother who help us teaching the children at different villages expired on 8 Aug. The children really miss him and cried a lot." "Now there is a flood in the hills, washed away some of the rice fields. Many people are crying, they have no rice to eat, they hardly eat once a day." "You heard about the girls who went to live at the Temple for their education. They were treated bad by the Monks. I feel sad for those girls, they are from our area. We could not help them. God called me to try my best for Him."
Oct 95. "Now our church Pastor is moved by God to invest in the life of the Karen children."
Dec 95. "Thanks to my friends whom I met while in USA. It was like a dream till now. I really enjoyed to be there to meet many friends and thank them for their prayer support." "On the way home in Chiangmai, I was worry about too much luggage so I pray, pray, pray. Soon a lady cut in front in line and say sorry. I said no, no but I am looking for someone to go to Chiangmai without luggage. She had 2 tickets so all the luggage went for free." " I wish you could be supported by a church to be a missionary in Thailand and work for the Hill Tribes." "We are going to celebrate Christmas Dec 21 with the children. We inviting the old people to give them sweaters made by Neetoo and the girls. Chantha (our #1 interpretor) is being married tomorrow at Bokaeu." "We had a feast with the St Olaf students on Nov 23 for Thanksgiving. Everybody enjoyed chicken, french fries and loaves."
Jan 96. "Now my dream to minister to children in the mountains is coming true. Many people are sponsoring children. I need much prayer that I will only follow God's Will in my mission among the children." "What is a Wedding Director? Here we have only simple weddings, killing pigs and have a feast. When people ask about Kay's job I cannot explain."
Feb 96. "We are very excited about our Weekend Vocational Bible School. Many, many wanted to join but we cannot receive them all. We pray that God will speak to more people to support children in this area." "We have 15 girls staying at the new Center, a priority given to orphans first then to children from villages with no school. We have 6 girls graduating from Friendship school." "I worry about you parking your car outside the house on the road." Soon after we had 2 cars stolen!
Mar 96. "I'll never forget the time I spent in your church." " I am happy to be called to work with the children, they are the leaders of the church in the future. We need revival in the church." "Thailand is seen as an advanced country in Asia, but it is only in the city. The Hill Tribes children are really neglected and have little chance of education."