HANDCLASP UPDATE  - February 2010

Sponsors & Friends

It is always a joy to report the success stories of these students you support through Handclasp. Siami accepts the students when they are willing to work & grow together. This creates a good environment for students to achieve goals.

Here are some reports of students in 2010..

ACHHAETHEE (HOGAN)is in Chaemlaung School. She studies piano under Santisuk, a senor student at sahamit School.

AHTID (SELBO ) is in Teacher College in Chiangrai. Doing great in English. He is so ha ppy for scoring good marks in his last test.

AMOO (NEYMARK/BENEATO)is in Chaemlaung school. Has organised a group of aerobic dancers to perform at "functions" with others girls at the center

CHAMAIPORN (CHURNESS V)graduates Samoeng High in March. Will attend Rajaphat Universuty in Chiangmai.

EHPAUPAU (McLEOD)is in Chaemlaung School. Is leader of an Aerobics team & won a competition at Watchan Education Week.

JANSRI (CROLL W)is in Chaemlaung School. She is very tall like her blind father.

JARUHWAN (CROLL C) is in Huayhpa school. Lives with Granma while family is in Bible College in Chiangmai. She is planning to go for Junior High school at either Bokawu or Maechem. She has not decided yet.

KACHIRA (REIL) is with her family in Abundant Life College (Jaruhwan's sister)

KAMBOON / BOONKAM (LANGE) are in Sahamit High School. Graduate in 2011. Most dynamic "Performers for Christ" in Museekee!! Sing, dance, pray, worship, sports, laugh...

KANETHA (MATTISON) in Chaemlaung School. Learning to be a performer. Not as shy.

NICKAMUOY (JOHNSON J)in Cheamlaung school. Very talented but not outgoing. Praise God this year she learn to smile and laught better than others years.

NOI (PALACIOS)attending Engineo College. Prof. says he is a top scholar. He is being trained in LED technology & excelling as a technician. He is #1 inspiration for male students.

NUJAREE (SEMKE) is in Chaemlaung school. Good scholar in Bible Class. A leader at Museekee center.

PETUKYAR (PATRICK)is in Lanna School in Chiangmai with Missy. (Nujaree's big sister) Lives with Siami's daughter at Rainbow House.

RATREE (MATHEWS)is in Far Eastern University in Chiangmai. She travels to Museekee each week to teach at Chaemlaung school.

SAKSRI (BOWKER)is in Chaemlaung school. Mastered English. very mature & loves to speak & sing in public.

SAENGLA (BARTELD)is in Chaemlaung School. Thailands First Lady Police Team needs her! Very athletic, sensible & a leader.

SOODAHRUT (CARPENTER B)in Huaynamsong school. Has recovered from her mothers suicidal death. Lives with grandma (Siami supports the whole family).

SUTCHIDA (DAVIS)graduates from Sahamit High in March. Wants to attend college in Chiangmai. Has a charming personality.

TIPAWAN (HOWE) is in Horbruk College in Chiangmai. Poor English but bright student.

TONGRAK (CHAVEZ S)in Sahamit High school. Always involved in activity. learning English well. Best smile.

VEERAPORN (MANDALIA)graduates Sahamit High school in March 2011. We call her the Princess. Studies the Bible at every chance.

WARUPORN ( McKENZIE)is in Chaemlaung school. Has always been the "Leader of the Welcome Party". Grew into a Lad y this year from a Cute girl. Has loads of personality.

LAYPOW : One of the singers at CD just finished her Diploma Course on Tourism, thinking to continue to get degree, she is so excited and happy for being able to complete at least Diploma course now,

Puangchompoo : She is one of the students from Chaemnoi studying Accounting, she also justcompleted Diploma Course from the same College Payap Technology College, Chiangmai, and getting ready to continue to get degree on the same subject Accounting.

Vilaiporn and Suchart : Completed their two years Theory training at Abundant Life Bible School Doisaket, Now it is time to step out to get into practice : Need more prayer support than studying at the classroom- Now they will learn to be a real soldier for the Lord. Without your prayer support - they might fall apart on the way.

Supot : also finished both Bible Training two years and at the same time will finished High School - I hope your prayer will continue to be with him, as he also has to step into the training practical field.

There are many more HRDC Children report : If you are interested your child you are always welcome to ask any question about yur child progress. Without your prayer and financial Support : We would not be able to bring all the good report. Today Taweeporn and Agape visited me, Taweeporn is asked to help the Women ministry very soon, but not yet decided yet. Praise God our children are in the position that they could help different mission field. I think our old friends remember Taweeporn she is to played guiter upside down, not like others good leadership.

God bless you Siami