Beauty Salon
Now that the Chicken project is up & running, Kay decided to move forward and establish another industry not yet seen in Musekee, beauty treatment. Many of the village ladies over 20 have never used shampoo, certainly not had someone wash their hair or do their nails! Also, our girls have not done this for someone and been paid. Our girls are naturally beautiful but not received much training in "enhancing God's gift". So we took over a room on ground floor (had to relocate 3 senior students) in the Graduation House and Don refurbished it. Dan installed water, Kay hung curtains. Then Kay chose 3 senior girls and gave them a "kit" each, that we had purchased in Chiangmai. Basin, shampoo, conditioner, towel, cloth, clippers, scissors etc. On Saturday they were trained by Kay using 3 staff members as "guinea pigs". The deal includes a cup of tea, cookie and soft music. These trial makeovers were freebies. Now the problem begins. Local ladies only earn about 300 baht per week for weaving and we want the "beauticians" to be paid 150 baht per treatment. So we have "set up" the next group to visit in April, to all request a "package deal". This does not move the industry forward however, as we need local ladies to get involved. 150 baht is $3 USA for the full deal.
If you think this is a worthwhile venture in the lives of these would be workers, please Email me with a pledge of $3 (which you can send to Handclasp) and we'll pay for a village lady to "have a package deal". This may not sound a big deal but it is like moving the Rock of Gibraltar to start industry here!