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Siami continues to give good reports from Thailand.
"Quoting Siami"
(Comments from Don for clarification)

Dear Parents in Christ,
(To accomodate the influx of visitors & new residents to Kanlayaniwattana, Siami has taken Villagers to the City to attend seminars. 'Visitors' & 'New Residents' will be the growth in the new City but they bring liabilities & Villagers need to beware.)

"Yes, Our seminar on Home Stay Project was good, we all went back home with a lot of exciting things. Hope things will work out- at least at Kiaupong village. There are two meetings at Kiaupong village, of course there are still some who fear to start. Pray that God will open their eyes to see themselves that God has given them a power to decide what to do and how to do it? They are always waiting someone to start for them. But that is not always the way things come out. I try my best to encaurage them. I am also going to try Home Stay with SST student to encaurage the people at Kiaupong and Ban Mai."

(SST, Spring Semester Thailand is a program, started by Dr Mike Leming, that brings 30 students from USA Colleges to Museekee each year to study.)
"Yesterday I went to Chaemluang School to attend the Students graduation. 3 of them Nattawan (Robertson), Saengla (Barteld) and Chanpaen (Hall C.) graduated from Chaemluang School."
These students will go to High School, grade 10)
"Praise God our dreams have come true, more children will be finishing their college. It is very excited every day.
This coming Saturday one of our students from Ban Daen is going to received Degree from McCormick Hospital Nursing College, I am hoping to attend her Graduation day."
"We will now started working on the children moving and changing their school and college, it will take for awhile to settle them down in a place where they are suppose to be."

(School year is May to March. In April Siami & HRDC staff help 200 students relocate to new schools & select classes. HRDC also purchases & delivers ALL books, uniforms, equipment for the year.)

He is great and He is All in All. LOVE YOU"
(Many visitors came to HRDC Centers in 2009. Handclasp has not organized Group Tours for 2010, but HRDC welcomes Visitors. If you organize a small group to Chiangmai, Siami & Don will plan a trip to any Center.)