Don and Kay Fox
It has been suggested that Don & Kay Fox are "lucky" to be so involved in such a successful program as Handclasp and the Thailand connection with Siami and the Hill Tribes R & D Center. I wanted to explain that we can only be involved in exciting adventures when we make ourselves "available" to God's Plan. The following is a list of opportunities that were given to us and we stepped out in faith. There were other opportunities we missed but we must have done the important steps because we have had 11 trips to Thailand and each one has been a blessing.
In 1974, Don & Kay took a group from Oxley Methodist Church to the Wacol Refugee Center near Brisbane. With God's love and grace we cared for a small group of Vietnamese and Cambodians. We took them to our home and gave them our kitchen to cook familiar food. Drove then to the river for a picnic. We were not admired by all Australians!
In 1975, a Vietnamese family of 5 arrived in Brisbane with no home. We enclosed our patio as #7 bedroom, moved the family in with us and Kay cared for the children while the parents found jobs. They stayed 6 months.
In 1981, Kay and Tasi drove every week to Long Beach, Calif. for Kay to teach English as 2nd language to Cambodian refugees. Over the next 10 years we were honored to attend several weddings of Cambodian couples from these families in Long Beach.
In 1981, we joined others at Trinity Lutheran Church to host Japanese students in a Home Stay Program run by Miriam Varvais (Luttio). We did this annually until 1998.
In July 1988, our whole family joined a HANDS team with YWAM to serve in Thailand & Philippines. We also visited Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong. On this trip we met Siami.
In October 1992, Don, Kay & Tasi flew to Thailand via Hong Kong. This was to be our first "Handclasp" mission.
In March 1995, Don, Kay &Tasi returned to Thailand via Hong Kong.
In October 1997, Don & Kay led the first TLC - USC Handclasp trip to Thailand via Taiwan and Singapore.
In December 1998, we repeated the 97 trip. This was the first Christmas in Museekee.
In October 1999, we took the large joint group to begin stage 2, expansion to the city.
In December 2000, Don & Kay visited Museekee for the #7 adventure.
In November 2001, Don & Kay had 3 ladies from a Moravian Church in Penn.
join our group.
In November 2002, First Christian Church Visalia sent a team led by their
Pastor. Don & Kay stayed in Thailand until March.
In November 2003, Don & Kay led another team from Visalia, Bethlehem & San
Pedro. The Foxes spent 5 months serving at Musekee and Huaypha Centers.
Being involved with the Asian community was never an "accident". However, it did involve 2 steps.
    •    Being willing to drop all preconceived ideas of how to "help" people in circumstances worse than us.
    •    Being willing to "go" when all reason would advise "stay".
Kay has a Chinese heritage of which we are proud. I don’t regret any "opportunity" we have explored over these years.. In fact, I believe it has placed our family on a strong base from which we are able to serve each other and others.
Don & Kay.